Cafe Cola
About Us

Several university of Florida students back in the 1990's, mainly Spence and Marc Levy, started to mix cola products with expresso coffee for their late nights studies... They, then decided to commercialize their discovery.

With huge efforts, lots of work and family funding, those brave and innovative students, after months of testing and market studies, came up with a product and named it Café-Cola, defying all odds in the soft drink market.

The main starting point of sale was South beach, Miami. Distribution then quickly spread to more than 50 different locations and restaurants from Naples to Key West... Where Café-Cola was proudly served.

Difficult distributions, lack of appropriate funding and investment obliged, the original owners of the product and later on, their new partners, to suspend production and look for other means to commercialize their product. Inspite of many international sales made and requests received from many countries, especially Europe, Argentina and Brazil.

As a result, the product was put on hold till one of the partners, once recuperated the needed time and funds to continue the project decided to launch the project again, which is now.


Our goal, at this point, is to start marketing in the European markets then expand to other countries world wide, either by producing in the United States and exporting overseas, or produce and distribute locally where desired.

France, being one of the countries in Europe to consume the most coffee and the country that receives most tourists, was choosen to be the center of marketing and eventual production and distribution of Café-Cola in the European Community.

This does not impeed us from looking to other opportunities in European centers where production and distribution of Café-Cola could be the very next step.