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Cafe Cola Coffee SodaCAFE COLA COFFEE SODA is a lightly carbonated coffee soda made from premium Colombian coffee mixed with cola.

It is represented in both diet and regular versions in cans of 355 ml. Café Cola is tasty, thirst soothing and highly refreshing when served ice cold. Also this drink is an eye opener and helps heart functions thanks to its coffee content.

Café- Cola products, produced in the United States and in Argentina, still may be produced there and can be produced in many European countries.

Cafe Cola Diet Coffee SodaShipping the product is usually made by containers containing approximately 5200 each. Cases packaging is 12 Oz. (355ml.) of 24 cans put on pallets.

The Café- Cola Company is also planning on introducing a variety of other soft drinks with flavors that have never been produced or sold in the market.

Café- Cola is a product of


"The beverage industry is giving a lot of attention to the rebirth of coffee beverages. Also sneaking onto the scene and about to make a definite impact the arrival of Coffee-cola!

"Cola is having romance with coffee. and the result, cola-coffee combo beverages, could be the biggest hit since chocolate met peanut butter, industry insiders say"


"John Sicher, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest in New York, and water Joe have the right idea"John Sicher, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest in New York, says the makers of the orbits, CAFE-COLA, and water Joe have the right idea."


"Caffeine is the rage these days on the soft- drink scene. It all started with coffee, of course, and now there's Café Cola, a carbonated soda made from premium coffee that delivers as much caffeine as a cup of Joe and twice as much as standard cola."

MIAMI HERALD, March 1997

" A coffee beverage by any name smells of money."

NIGHT CLUB AND BAR, October 1996

and many more...


Café Cola is not only a soft drink! It can also be mixed with other drinks, or ice creams with surprising results. Perfect for special events, parties, restaurants and night clubs.

For example:

Café Cola Float Vanilla Ice Cream in a tall with Café Cola
Captain's Café Café Cola and Captain Morgan's Rum
Café N' Cream Café Cola and Bailey's Irish Cream
Almond Fizz Café Cola and Amaretto
Volcano Café Cola and Vodka
Double Dose Café Cola and Kahlua
Whisky Special Café Cola with Whisky on the rock

PS: The above have been made by the original founders of the product, the Levy family, especially Spence and Marc who have very good taste.


Cafe Cola Logo

Our logo is especially designed, by the Levy brothers, to distinguish our product from any other soft drink sold in the market. Representing a young image for a mature product. "Café-Cola."

Our coffee sources come from the best coffee selections that are hand picked, keeping in mind the quality of the drink we are producing and selling. To the right is a picture of healthy and high quality coffee grains.